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If you break it down into all the different countries that the

Check your Disk Utility using the OS X Recovery. Restart your computer and hold the Command and R keys while it boots. It should start up with a Menu Bar and a Utilities Window. Choosing not to protect an animal in a zoo simply because you can't be sure that you're going to get it absolutely right would likely lead to far fewer animals in zoos, and far more extinct or very endangered species not to mention the reduced public engagement with wildlife.we have a responsibility to breed animals that are of 'Extinct in the Wild' status?I think to a certain extent we do have a responsibility to breed those species, but mostly only because our species is likely the one that put them in that situation. At the point where a species becomes classified as 'Extinct in the Wild', it's going to be difficult (though not impossible) to increase the gene pool enough to contemplate reintroduction so I think we need to ask ourselves why we want to keep them. Is it really just out of guilt? Is it to educate future generations in the hope that they won't make the mistakes we did? Do they have a profound impact on the environment that is imbalanced by their absence? I think that's a whole subject on it's own.you visit zoos or similar institutions? Do you think all zoos are equally good or bad?I do visit zoos and similar institutions but I'll always read up on them before attending.

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